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Art Dubai Projects is a not-for-profit programme of new works and performances that explores the fabric and economy of an art fair, embracing the theatrical nature of such an event. Art Dubai Projects 2015 features 11 artists and collectives, participating in the A.i.R Dubai residency and projects programme, as well as Art Dubai Commissions; both programmes are curated by Lara Khaldi. The programme also includes a radio station and the Art Dubai Cinema.


Primarily, Art Dubai Projects aims to support artists’ practices, and encourage audiences to embrace the quizzical and participatory nature of the fair. Yet organically – and thanks to the artists who have seized the opportunity with such dedication and zeal – the programme has allowed the fair to develop a more constant, almost institutional edge, while forcing us to be particularly open and self-reflexive in our approach.





Lara Khaldi is an independent curator based between Ramallah and Amsterdam. She recently completed the de Appel curatorial Programme, Amsterdam, and is also pursuing her MA degree at the European Graduate School. Khaldi was director of Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre, Ramallah from 2012-2013. She has curated a number of exhibitions some of which are: co-curator Father, Can’t You See I’m Burning?, de Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam, 2014; co-curator, Gestures in Time (Jerusalem show 6 and Riwaq Biennial 5) 2013; co-curator of Lonely Crowd (within /si:n/ festival of video art and performance) in Ramallah and Brussels, 2013/2014; co-curator of the 5th Jerusalem Show, On/Off Language, with Al Ma'mal Contemporary Art Foundation, 2012; co-curator film and video programmes in 2009 and 2011 as part of the Arab Shorts initiative by Goethe, Caïro. She held the position of Assistant Director for programmes at the Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE from 2009 – 2011 and co-edited Provisions I&II (Sharjah Biennial 9 catalogues), 2009.





Ebtisam Abdulaziz / Mahmoud Khaled / Adel Abidin / Bouchra Khalili / Abbas Akhavan / Naiza Khan / Hala Ali / Khyal Khana / Ammar Al Attar / Bari Kumar / Nadia Ayari / Farideh Lashai / Fayçal Baghriche / Setu Legi / Yto Barrada / Basim Magdy / Fari Bradley / Najat Makki  / Carlos Celdran / Sophia Al Maria / Youmna Chlala / Shaikha Al Mazrou / James Clar / Amina Menia / Clark House Initiative / Hazem El Mestikawy / Sunoj D / Cha Min-Young / Dina Danish / Karim Mortada /Wim Delvoye / Magdi Mostafa / Maitha Demithan / Joe Namy / Hind Bin Demaithan / Yudi Noor / Mary Evans / Ahmet Öğüt / Reem Falaknaz / Shamsa Al Omaira / Amir Fallah / Fatima Al Qadiri / Rami Farook / Maryam Al Qassimi / Sunil Gawde / Marwan Rechmaoui / Bahk Seon Ghi / Bérénice Saliou / Azim Al Ghussein / Hrair Sarkissian / Sara Al Haddad / Hassan Sharif / Ehsan Ul Haq / Angelle Siyang-Le / Shuruq Harb / Mounira Al Solh / Abhishek Hazra / Sharmeen Syed / Susan Hefuna / Oraib Toukan / Malak Helmy / UBIK / Isabella Ellaheh Hughes / Deniz Üster / Raed Ibrahim / Hajra Waheed / Iman Issa  / Lawrence Weiner / Shi Jinsong / Raed Yassin / Rania Jishi / Tarek Zaki  Hiwa K / Zid Zid Kids / Mohammed Kazem








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